The Tresmiles

The Tresmiles

The highest concentration of Pyrenees peaks

Posets-Maladeta Natural Park was declared a natural park in 1994 to protect its natural wealth, flora, fauna and its 30,000 hectares of geomorphological formations. Within this protected area, 13 of the largest glaciers in the Pyrenees still survive, among which the Aneto and Maladeta glaciers stand out.

Scattered throughout the Benasque Valley there are also more than 95 ibons (lakes of glacial origin). The largest is that of Cregüeña, but perhaps the most beautiful are those of Batisiellles or Gorgutes, in the passage to France.

Posets-Maladeta Natural Park, in addition, has 66 peaks of more than 3,000 meters, the highest concentration in the entire Pyrenees, and eight of the ten highest mountains in the mountain range, highlighting the two highest peaks: the Aneto (3,404 m) and the Posets (3,375 m).

These three thousand are grouped into three main massifs:

  • Massif de la Maladeta: Aneto, Maladeta, Maldito, Margalida peaks, storms, Russel, Alba...
  • Massif of Posets: Posets peaks, Swords, Eriste...
  • Perdiguero massif: Pediguero peaks (3,222 m), Royo, Literola, Gourgs Blancs...

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